Chocolate Items

Scroll down to see our delicious chocolate items including Apricot Bags, Cashew Bags, Marshmallow Sticks, Peanut Butter Cups, Potato Chips, Pretzels and Chocolate Lollipops.

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Personalized Candy Bar
Personalized Candy Bar—Your personalized candy bar comes wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon!

Chocolate CD

Personalized Chocolate CD
Your chocolate CD comes in a CD case.

Apricot Bag

Apricot Bag—Approx. 1/4 lb. of apricots, dipped on the diagonal 1/4 dark, 1/4 white.

Cashew Bag
Cashew Bag
Approx. 1/4 lb. of cashews. Milk, white and dark chocolate, unless otherwise specified.

marshmallows1Marshmallow Sticks
Small marshmallow sticks have three (3) marshmallows dipped in chocolate, then rolled in nonpareils; our large marshmallow sticks give you five (5) of these delicious treats.

pb_cups1Peanut Butter Cups
Milk chocolate cups made with a chocolate peanut butter blend and optional toppings.

Chocolate-covered Potato ChipsPotato Chip Bag
Chips dipped in milk chocolate and striped in white. Big, chunky, and delicious! (can be dipped in dark and white, too).

Pretzel Bag—Six (6) chocolate covered pretzels. Two milk chocolate, two dark chocolate, two white. All decorated and color coordinated for any ocassion.

Pretzel Rods
Rods are dipped in chocolate and rolled in nonpareils. For each ocassion or holiday there is a chocolate piece attached to the rod. Individually wrapped.

Chocolate flip-flops — a pair in any color, in a cellophane bag with ribbon.


Chocolate Music Square
Chocolate music square decorated with white chocolate clef and notes.